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GAPA Event & Communication was founded by a team that has long experience from multi-national brands in FMCG, retail and tourism. The founding partners has been taking critical parts in marketing and business development in their former companies and have carried decades of experience and know-how in to their new agency, GAPA.


The idea is to answer to the needs of the new marketing world, today the world is in constant and swift change and brands must be focused on a new holistic approach to take on these business challenges in-time. We support our clients finding solutions to these challenges using strategy, communication and creativity. We operate in several disciplines to get our brands “talked-about” this can include sports events, celebrity utilisation, viral videos and much more. The goal is to find, produce and make people talk about the brand in a good way and achieve tangible results.

We combine our skills in Event Management, Design and Communication to achieve optimal return on investments.

We operate from Istanbul, Turkey and Stockholm, Sweden.

Unique and Exciting Marketing Agency
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